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Citipeak Events Ltd is the established direct marketing company that services a gap in the market for quality face-to-face customer acquisition teams.

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Citipeak Events Attend Prestigious Industry Awards Gala

London sales and event marketing firm, Citipeak Events confirm their attendance at the 2017 Outsourced Sales and Marketing Industry Awards Gala.... read more

23.05.2017 • By Citipeak Events Ltd

Citipeak Events Investigate Reports that UK Consumers think Online...

With reports that UK consumers (when compared to European and US counterparts) are the most likely to think online advertising is ‘getting worse’... read more

11.10.2016 • By Citipeak Events Ltd

With the US Presidential Race Getting Hotter by the Second, Citipeak...

On the back of the debate between the two Presidential Candidates for the race to become the next US President, London-based Event Marketing... read more

07.10.2016 • By Citipeak Events Ltd

Citipeak Events unveils new incentive to win a trip to the 2016 American...

London's leading event marketing and sales firm, Citipeak Events announces the details of their new competition. The winner, who will be... read more

15.03.2016 • By Citipeak Events Ltd

Citipeak Events Take Advantage of ‘Boomerang Boarders’ for their Clients...

Through event based marketing campaigns, Citipeak Events are able to target a large number of consumers over a wide geographical area. Here,... read more

25.08.2015 • By Citipeak Events Ltd

Citipeak Events Review why Millennials make the Industry’s Top Sales People

Citipeak Events believe that Millennials possess some great qualities that make them top sales representatives. The firm explain their... read more

11.08.2015 • By Citipeak Events Ltd

Does Product Placement Still Have a Place Within Marketing? Citipeak...

TV shows and films today are rarely aired without some type of 'product placement'. Citipeak Events discuss product placement and compare how... read more

17.07.2015 • By Citipeak Events Ltd

Make Your Brand Stand Out in the First Three Seconds: Citipeak Events...

The first few seconds of an advert are make or break for brands.It is in those few short moments that consumers are either turned on or turned... read more

15.07.2015 • By Citipeak Events Ltd

Citipeak Events Review the Benefits of In-Store Promotions

Consumer spending in the UK is booming; this is great news for both businesses and consumers.The result of a booming consumer market does however... read more

26.06.2015 • By Citipeak Events Ltd

Citipeak Events Speaks at Industry Conference in London

Citipeak Events attended and spoke at a leadership conference in London on Sunday 14th June. On Sunday 14th June, Citipeak Events spoke at a... read more

18.06.2015 • By Citipeak Events Ltd

Citipeak Event’s Nick Johnson Leading the Way In Industry Development

As one of the world's fastest growing industries, it's a truly exciting time to be a sales and marketing professional. The Managing Director of... read more

15.06.2015 • By Citipeak Events Ltd